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Designed to keep your bike safe. Snik is a first-of-its kind technology that uses technology to enhance bike security. Snik GPS device pairs with a mobile application that notifies you if your bike ever is stolen!

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Buy 3 get 30% off at $420

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1-year subscription included

Built-In Battery

Engineered to save energy for when you need it most.

Precision GPS

Know where your bike is at all times using cellular and chip attennas

Bluetooth Pairing

Pairing is automated so your bike automatically locks once you're done riding

Smart Notifications

It's about time our bikes can send us notifications


Snik is a connected device. Use the Snik app to see your bikes location, collaborate with others, and have peace of mind knowing your bikes safe



We send you everything you need to stay connected your bike.


With 1 year subscription.




Unique & Secure


Heavy duty stuff


Better believe it


1-year of Connectivity


When can we expect to receive our device?

We are commited to fulfilling your orders quickly. After our launch sale, we will begin the production for your product. From that point, it will be delivered to you within 1-2 months. We will keep you updated along the way.

What is the service cost after the first year?

After the initial year, the data cost is $7.50 / month when you renew for a year.

What countries does Snik currently serve?

We are serving North America (Canada & United States) with plans to expand globally.

Can Snik fit with my OneUp EDC?

We've got you. We're working on a solution to hold your OneUp multi-tool & Snik in your steerer tube.

Can a thief remove Snik? How about smash it?

No. The material of the enclosure is tough and has been designed to withstand destruction.

The key is unique so that only you can remove the device for recharge.

Does Snik fit in all bikes?

Yes. If your bike has a steerer tube with a stem cap, snik will most likely fit. There are very few exceptions: Giant Overdrive 2 Forks, Rock Shox 35 Gold Forks, Cannondale Lefty Forks, Carbon Steerers.

How long does the battery last?

Minimal battery consumption continues to be a priority. Snik is designed to only use energy when you need it most. Snik battery will last for more than a month while monitoring your bike. In the case that it’s stolen, you’re able to toggle the frequency of GPS pings to reserve battery life.

Do I need a subscription for Snik?

Yes, in order to be as precisely accurate and secure as Snik is, we need to pass location data to and from your phone. Snik GPS devices use mobile / cellular networks to send GPS location of your bike to your smartphone via our mobile app.

YES, your pre-order covers the device and one year of data service.